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So that tomorrow there will be some nature left

We care for biodiversity and climate

Species Hotspot Conservation

What is the point of species protection?

If you look not only straight ahead, but 16km up and 16km down, you will see something amazing: Here is the boundary where all life in our universe ends! The miracle, what is called life, happens only in this razor-thin layer. And with every species we lose, we also lose a piece of the miracle. Rarely does it end well for the species that are still left.



16 km

16 km


We are guided by the UN Global Goals

Armut stoppen

Save a species

Scientific data collection / biomonitoring
Protection of endangered species through permanent monitoring of biodiversity hotspots

Stop poverty

Protecting food production

Communities in Biodiversity Hotspots
Infrastructure and sustainable land use

Kinder schulen

Protect climate

CO2 balance/
Repair of climate-relevant rainforests
Establish tree nurseries and plant trees

School children

Mobile classroom /
preventing biodiversity destruction by education
Communities in Biodiversity Hotspots

How do we value nature?

If our nature were a bank, we would have saved it long ago. Perhaps it is now time to give nature the value it really has.


Nature Business Angel 

We fight against the extinction of species!

Of the human-like species, there are only 4 left. All together fit in Berlin. The remaining 8 billion are us.

If a whole species of the few other apes disappears, the portal to our own past closes. We lose a piece of ourselves.

We focus on three species because their habitat overlaps. They are "key species." If they are doing well, the ecosystem is healthy.


Art of Life!

To live is an art. Species as a work of art. Post at #artoflife